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A dear soul passing on and lost forever to the mysterious sands of eternal time
Never to set foot on earthly land again
Never to smile, touch, see, or talk again
Here all these years, here this morning,
but gone now... for ever

Tears sting and rush out of my eyes, no stopping them
Stunned, scared, grievously upset,
I helplessly watch the shocked family's grief-stricken actions,
The whole world feels like a room suffocating me in,
Contentment and cheer snuffed, further knowledge of a kind human curbed,
a piercing pain in my heart serving as a reminder of the gentle person's absence from my world,
a terrible, unshakeable awareness of the family's loss

Yearning for knowledge of this world and the next
It is me, all me, yet another human
unable to understand why there is suffering in this world,
why the best of people also share the same fate as the rest
why humans still die of old age and disease
Why! Why! Why?
Can't complete what I'm writing, I'm overwhelmed with sorrow again.

To all those reading this, my world lost a wonderful person last week. A dear friend's father. He was 78 but looked and behaved 10 years younger. He loved his wife to death, was holding onto life despite having stage 4 lymphoma just because he wouldn't abandon his wife in this world. Not till she held his hands and gave him leave to transition, did he let go. And after dying donated his whole body for cancer research. He's survived by his equally beautiful children and wife and all others like me who were fortunate to know him. I will always miss him and remember him my whole life.

I started writing this to help me with closure, but it just brought out all the emotions again. All I want to say again and again here is that life is precious and the time once gone doesn't return again. So as long as there is life, try to live well. And/or help others live well. God bless.

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I am deeply sorry for your loss, from reading this it is apparent this man was very special to you.
I hope the response you get on this post will help you with closure some how.

I'm sorry for your loss but it's Good to see your back, steemit has missed you, or at least I have.



Thanks very much for you comforting words, Mark. I'd been occupied with project work for the past few weeks. And really missed everything going on here. Trust all of you are doing great and finally having the life you've always wanted for yourselves and your dear children. I'm glad to be back on Steemit.
My friend's father was one of the most kind hearted, selfless, and respectable persons I've ever met. A doctor who even did free service his normal hours. Theirs is a very close knit family. They are holding up to the best of their ability now, though life will never be the same again for them.