Fake News - Original poem

in poetry •  5 months ago

It’s baked in the cake
for a society that wakes
to a diet of fake
dogmatic takes
that there will be a remake.

The truth has been
burnt at the stake
let them eat cheesecake
drink vanilla milkshakes.

It gives me a bellyache
it keeps me awake
hand me some codeine
I need a coffee break.

My brains a drain
I can’t escape
the news contains
such baseless claims.

They want you to behave
believe in the charade
not notice that the Emperor
is as naked as the day.

What a load of snakes
masonic handshakes
eating their Kobe beefsteaks
getting more tax breaks.

Sorry snowflakes
skating on thin ice
it’s all going to break
put on the emergency brake.

Too late
society has already made
a people afraid
being played
the lies blockade.

It’s baked in the cake
for a society that wakes
to an intake of fake news
that they are lighting a fuse.


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