Compelled To Feel The Darkness -100 Days of Poetry Challenge (Day 11)

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Happy Sunday Steemit Family,

Life is that uncertain thing which challenges our minds and hearts with every passing moment. Yes, some are blessed with peace of mind and some are not that satisfied with their passionate desires. This is an admitted fact that the Creator actually created this universe in a defined hierarchy; to run the matters of the world in a more perfect way. This poem is a true depiction of a person who is bearing the hardships of life and searching for peace.


~Compelled To Feel The Darkness~

How tough it is to spend the life,
I might drown in these shadows!

Honestly compelled, to feel the darkness,
Please light your eyes, get the point!

Burned myself with the flames of worries,
Come and save me from dying, Love!


I kept searching for stars and peace,
But life doges me, when finds opportunity!

How can you claim for a united relation?
My heart is grasped by fear of separation!

My innocent heart desires passionately,
That we make this life ours,,, together!

To whom I tell, the saddest incident happened,
The bright lines of fate, once was on my hands!


This is my submission for Day 11 of the 100 Day Poetry Challenge organised by poet and artist, Daniel Pendergraft @d-pend

If you think that you have potential to share with the world then do take part in this wonderful contest 100 Day Poetry Challenge and feel free to join Steemit School discord

With Love,

~ Salman Bukhari

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Sometimes we have a very tough situation suddenly happened in our life. At that time we need patience and try to remain calm.

I've wrote something similar about darkness and a war that no one knows about but ourselve.. Totally relate to this..

Well wonderful effort, keep writing and thanks for the appreciation BRAVO

Yes, you too.. Thank you ^^

That start is good ! I like the imagery , “ drown in these shadows “

So sweet of you :)

Hopefully, all of us can find the peace in our heart. Always.

Keep up writing. Nice poetry.

Thank you :)

Right now I can relate to this... Just feeling very overwhelmed with everything. School, family, work, etc.

Yes it feels lovely :)

life has really uncertain things which can descibe in poetry


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

lovely poem :) can I ask you something?

Ok go head ..

-_- kuch nhii

This Beautiful Poem...
I Like This 😍😍😍

Thank you so much :)

Beautiful piece....

Thank you :)

bht hi ache poem ha :)


Well @salmanbukhari54 . I appreciate your awesome writing . Your all poem have one moral for life . We all take a benefit with your writing . Keep it up and stay blessed .
Steem on👈

Well i am much obliged :)

Hello Salman,
I'm so glad you've made it this far with us. It's great to have so many people doing this challenge. Have you had a chance to make it to one of the classes yet on Discord? I think if you did make it sometime it would be very beneficial for your development as a poet. I hope to see you in class. Class starts daily at 18:00 GMT for me. You'd have to translate that to whichever time zone you reside in. Hope to see you there, and if you've been there I apologize for not seeing you.

Well thank you so very much for the invitation @acousticsteveo and yes, i attended the very 2nd class of this contest with Daniel. Actually sometimes i remain out of the station so i often miss the class but i will manage it soon :)

what the fuck its