How I want to be the rain

in poetry •  10 months ago

The misty cloud is hugging the trees at the top of the hill...The fog is actually moving through the rain filled space interacting with the small life-bringers captured in their look-alike forms.

I want to be the rain. To be vast and encompassing. And fall, fall, fall
Without stumbling or effort. Releasing my humid nature onto the thirsty leaves. To feel as the part of all. The essential connecting liquid, which is the source on its own

I want to get dense and difficult to see through. I want to float up high and pelt down from above...

Cleanse... Cleanse...Till the face of the Earth is washed enough..rinse it all down...under the roots...deeper that anyone could see, to the core...Purify.
Get rid of all that doesn't the core of the cores, to the traces of the ancient memories..To get healed in the cradle of the mother's solid smoothness..Remineralized...Enriched... Freed

Did I tell you, Genie, how I want to be rain?..

--From letters to the Green


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