Nightingale And Crow

in #poetry6 years ago

Crow screamed "ghar ghar"
To the nightingale in the cage
The fame of your charm song
Reached to the every village

Whether you sing so pleasant,
You poor will be in confinement
If you crow like me so discordant
You will be free of enslavement

Getting clear of sweet sound
It's only way out of slavery
Thus, you can fly to the outside
To the flowers all rose in rosary

Nightingale came back to the crow
Answered him in its beauty sound
Crow fainted almost to throw
When he heard so lovely song

If I change to became a crow
Nobody will let me walk in garden
If nightingale screams like a crow
Gareden's flowers will be sadden

Lovely voice of pretty nightingale
Presents diverse color to the flower
Hence, flower as a girl in farthingale
Spreads fragrance due in his favor


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