But Then

in #poetry6 years ago

The days pass
You weave one by one loops of your yarn
You hope a dream will keep your life so warm
But then at once
A playful kitten ruins everything
It comes as a guest running in the hall
To play with your dream hidden in yarn ball
Finally a yarn ball is tangled, a dream is messed

The months pass
You plow bit by bit on ground of your field
You hope to harvest dream of the yield
But then at once
A scorching wind breaks all like a knife
It comes to your farm blows your life
To dance with your dream hidden in cereal
Finally a farm is burned, a dream is charred

The years pass
You gather one by one branches for your nest
You hope to build a dream of future rest
But then at once
The loneliness storms knock all on tree over
They come to your home, roar to your ear
To lower your dream, to leave you in fear
Finally a nest is fallen down, a dream is blown up


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