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Hello again, this is gonna be a brief post for three reasons:

  1. Laughter (below) is short.

  2. It's one of the few poems in the book I am not rewriting (per se) because I actually like it (more or less) as is.

  3. I'm entering @terrycraft 's poetry contest for the first time :D wish me luck!

So, this poem is basically about something I've experienced for as long as I can remember. The poem says it pretty plainly, but to restate: if I am or believe I am alone while experiencing something I find funny, I will not laugh (in my head, maybe, but not out loud).

There are actually some exceptions to this. For instance, if there is a laugh track or a live audience, I will laugh as though there are people around even at jokes that are far less hilarious than ones for which I've stayed silent. I do this automatically and cannot control it beyond forcing laughter when I'm alone.

But then I'd really look crazy
Alright, here's the poem


laughter is the sweetest sound
banter to each ear
Do you hear it?
Do you hear—?
Oh wait, there's no one here!

my mind says that I'm merry
and that I am filled with cheer
but I won't be laughing
'cause there's no one here to hear

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