Original Poetry : "Speak Up"

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There’s No Intervention. Start Prevention!

This poetry is all about changing for the better. I wrote this because I've seen my uncle suffer from these bad habits. I don't want others to be like my uncle who regretted it so much. I know it's not easy but please, quit smoking and drinking and start a new beginning.

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"Speak Up"

Smoking, what do we get from you?
Stress relief, social acceptance or temporary happiness?
Oh! Just like what we get from drinking alcohol too.
Or is it from you we gain those deadly illnesses?

Whatever you bring to our lives,
It’s about time to make things right.
Today, let’s end smoking, drinking or any vice.
Nothing is impossible; we can do this with all our might.

You may think everyone is doing it.
But they’re not; so don’t be afraid to say no.
Get educated about alcoholism and cigarettes.
As you learn, share it with your family and friends wherever you go.

Release your stress through exercise.
Go for a bike ride, yoga or any sport.
Don’t waste your time and energy on any vice.
Get a hobby, make yourself busy, be smart!

Cliché it is: enjoy life, do what you love.
But don’t add alcohol and cigarettes.
These vices limit your potential and complicate your life.
Speak up about their negative effects; let everyone have a positive mindset.

Some Tips on how to stop Smoking and Drinking :

  • Get rid of all addictive substances in the house.
  • Trash anything that reminds you of smoking or drinking.
  • Avoid places where people smoke or drink.
  • Take a break from people who regularly drink/smoke.
  • Avoid high risk situations.

Thanks for passing by.



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