The surroundings of me [An Original Poem]

in #poetry8 years ago

The surroundings of me [An Original Poem]

[an original abstract art by myself]

There is no
Middleman around
But my world is zero.

So I saw flowers garden,
Today, on the street corner and alley,
Poisonous insects are in deep.

I want to walk along the straight path,
What is the difference between white and black,
This raised my hand to answer.

This is the poison and nectar,
I want to go back drinkers,
The village, where you are the mother.

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awesome poem

Beautiful poem congratulations

great poem :D

excellent writing ........... keep it up

thank you ragini

just reblogged this nice poem :-)

thanks for re-blogging :)

absolutely nice :)

amazing poem & art. Just like as arkenstone

what a beautiful comment from a hobbit

wow ! amazing

I just admire your art work.
It's magnificent :)

he he ...... thanks

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