lonely traveler [An Original Poetry]

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lonely traveler [An Original Poetry]

enter image description here
[an original abstract art by myself]

I am a lonely traveler sitting
in a desolate place ,
with a deep depressed mind.
thinking and thinking about my destination.

I saw empty trees,
heard the sound of
every fall of leaves and,
sounds the efflorescence of daffodil.

I heard the sounds of the wings
of the migratory birds,
the silent sound of
the cold breeze and the water in spring.

I saw the motherly affection
of wild animals and
also their cruelty.
And feeling the love of the nature.

how far the destination is ?
when I will reach, I thinking
all along the day. I am tired now
want to take some rest.

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thanks :)

awesome :)


than you @tintin

your writing capability is so well


a big smiley for you :)

excellent poem
keep it up :)


thank you @sujoy1990 :)

really nice


thanx jerremie :D

excellent poem ...... resteemd :D


thanks nadira :)

Beautiful, congratulations @royalmacro


and thank you @jlufer for your comment

I understand this feeling very well. Sometimes I am a lonely traveler too. And I love the abstract art piece too. It seems desolate but the bright colors give it a sense of hope.


many many thanks to @merej99

Wow...cool artwork too :)

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