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I just found this poem in a very old book in our local library. There is no author name. I share it here :


The stars are dim, the moon shines cold,

A gentle breeze sweeps o'er the lea,

And softly falls the rippling sea, 

On jutting reef and headland bold.

The chaffinch, eldest child of May,

Impatient in his nest awakes,

And with his rustling pinion shakes, 

The dew that gems the hawthorn spray.

By mountain paths to pastures new,

The lonely shepherd leads his flock,

Light wreaths of mist on stream and rock, 

Spread filmy veils of softest blue.

O ye, who through the slow-paced night,

Have watched and wept, lift up lour eyes,

Soon shall the golden morning rise,

And crown the eastern hills with light.




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Thank You! ☙

You pick a great image to accompany this.

It´s really nice and it has a lot of ways to understand what can means. Like the other user said about a person who use drugs. I understand like a night peace message. But there is a world in the brain of each person.

I like the last line

another great one

Imagine being a cocaine addict, reading this

That is bad xD .

Soon shall the golden morning rise,
And crown the eastern hills with light.

I wake up to that every morning. Enjoyed your poem!

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