Cushiony Poem!

in poetry •  8 months ago 

Heres a poem about cushions:

Cushiony Poem

Like a flowery cloud,
A square, fluff filled pouch,
Laying on your couch.

These fabulous designs,
with perfectly sewed outlines.

These indulgent cotton puffs-
So cushiony, so cosy,
Comfortable, and squishy.

We can use them in the car,
They can be in the shape of a star!
Can you guess what they are?

They can be fluffy,
They can be leathery. velvety
Most importantly they can embrace so dearly,

Cushions!, I bet you were not far.

we all need cushions!

This poem was entered into a competition for poetry unfortunately the network errored when I submitted and it was too late! Hope you like it


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