Our beautiful home under the dome

in poetry •  3 months ago


Welcome to earth
Our beautiful home
It's flat and level
Built under a dome

Undeniable proof
Of intelligent design
Give God his glory
He's truly divine

Psalm 19:1
And Wernher von Braun
He worked for NASA
The devil's spawn

Launching rockets
Trying to break through
Because NASA means
Deceive in Hebrew

They made up this lie
To hide our creator
A compass won't function
Below the equator

The needle points north
We don't live on a sphere
The spinning globe earth
Where the water adheres

Water is level
When perfectly still
Proof of flat earth
Is the biggest red pill

Stars move as a group
Around the north pole
Like berries embedded
In a clear Jello mold

Antarctica starts
Near the edge of the earth
Captain Cook sailed
Around all of it's girth

It was 60k miles
And took him 3 years
Off limits to everyone
The final frontier

The Antarctica treaty
Prevents exploration
It's not on the flag
Of the United Nations

It's all being hidden
Right in front of your eyes
And everyone agrees
That NASA lies

Everything's obvious
After the fact
But once you go flat
There's no going back

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I love it! 🙏🏻 👏🏻. Nice job


Thanks for the love.. That means everything to me...😘


eh man look at my wallet how do i not have any fake money at one point i had 20 dollars now its nothing wtf happen i have no idea how to use this fucking site


I didn't see where you had $20. I gave you one Steem 9 months ago. It looks like you used it on null. I did that before to promote one of my articles. I didn't get anything for it... This platform is circling the toilet. Greed and mismanagement ruined a good thing.. Why did they ever take away the page view counter? That was the worst move they ever made.