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*Happiness comes one after another

When he came, he occasionally left

God cast it all for every self

In order to take the essential lesson

In order to live meaningful and more meaningful*

*Remember the greatness of the Divine Lord

Remember the gift of his loving God

Remember Meridhloi's mercy and guidance

Your gratitude and your patience are all key

In reaching for God's love and love rabbil 'izzati*

*You are still free to breathe the air that God blesses

You are still sleeping until you dream

You are still being given a chance and a grounding opportunity on earth

The world is just a tuk stop to the eternal heavenly realm

In the name of love, embrace your Lord who controls*

*soul they are sad and hurt

Smile, because happy to approach

Be excited, because your aspirations have been waiting

Pray, For Allah always permits

Because Allah is full of your prayers in the days*

*God is the self, sad and happy on earth

To Him all creatures of tomorrow will return

Keep the tears of sadness in your heart

Or throw it away and do not expect it back

Color your life with the fragrance of jasmine flowers*

*Welcome tomorrow is better and meaningful

Be assured after that, there is convenience and it is certain

Because God your god never violates the promise

For every servant of His faith and belief

In reaching the worldly happiness and ukhrawi*

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Nice one.