Time, Word, Perception...

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Time speeding up,
the more deeply entrenched we become in illusion...

Until the mind pauses -
side-stepping the clock,
opening to dimensions beyond...
Time ceases to exist -
eternity becoming the canvas for this moment,
as consciousness embraces the mystical essence -
all there is, has been, and ever will be...

Pressure building,
the further down our path of misconception we travel...
Tension dissolving,
the closer we rise to a perception above thought...

Reality shifting
with immersion into the timeless -
the solid dissolving,
the temporary transforming,
the backdrop directing evolution
with total mastery...

Virtue stands still,
while values come & go -
edging near eternity as the two align,
clarity arises...

In the scope of eternity,
seconds, hours, years the same -
undifferentiable, but by the quality
of what we choose to create within them -
until we fragment perfection
through the declaration of beginning & end...

Who we truly are -
becoming untraceable, as we've stepped
into the realm of the measurable;
becoming unstoppable,
as our discriminations of space & time fade...

What we know -
the obstruction to wisdom,
our chains to the past -
blocking our access to discovery,
binding us in the world to dividing the known & the unknown -
disconnecting us from the present, where all is known...

What we think,
calling in the future -
manifesting yesterday's perpetuation,
or birthing the innovation of being -
neither exclusive,
but only in choice -
speaking into existence
the form of what is...

Never without cause,
the universe's fruits fall into consciousness -
seasons merging as one,
as waves on an ocean -
each drop on the surface,
and every movement beneath, in the unseen,
both an extension of & altering the flow -
our engagement with nature
sowing seeds of what's to come,
tides of presence nurturing the rhythm of life -
until all returns in cycles of completeness...

Following the trail of the observed,
we fall off the path of exploration -
expectation concealing the mystery awaiting,
should we abandon judgement for awareness...

Time slowing down,
as we open to our disillusionment...

~ (written August 2011)
~ image source

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@rok-sivante, In my opinion these lines are perfect for the current phase of Time and that is because, in my opinion we are feeling the more Consciousness and also reflecting as the dimensions are opening.

And yes, time is very unique subject and in my opinion what we know about the time is not the actual time, it hides the deeper meaning than that, to find it we have to deep dive into the Consciousness to understand the flow.

And our souls are eternal just our actions and our decisions will decide where our soul will be transformed in the Next Phase. And many people never read their own vibrations and in my opinion if we can understand the vibrations of Inner Universe half of the confusion will be vanished.

Like in Blockchain we know that Blocks have to be created for the further continuation, same way we have to use the flow of words, and every word holds the meaning and this meaning will open the gates of Emotions.

Yes, when we stay in an Illusion our time always run like boosted speed but when we step out of the illusion and stand on the reality then in my opinion at that point of time our Consciousness takes the deep breath and our time stops the race and slower downs.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂



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Thank you so much brother and stay blessed. 🙂

“should we abandon judgement for awareness...”


This was a nice meditation for me this morning, after spending an hour translating, understanding, and embodying some apt wisdom from the I Ching.

I’m wondering how to balance activity with passivity, how to juggle letting go and being proactive. It’s tricky.


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I just sit on the deck of my sailboat and drift into thought and serenity rising above it all ... until life pops in and pops my bubble lol

As always awesome lines man !!

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I tried to read this with great care. Imposing yourself to be able to understand the meaning of each verse of poetry. I found several sentences that were very difficult for me to understand. However, in the last part I found the purpose of the contents of this paper.

I only understand this in general. Time, sentence, and perception. I think that this is about the cruelty of time that might leave us. Many hopes have not been reached but, time has passed to bring disappointment.


You’re trying to logically understand with the mind - however the mind is only one tool in the box, and stuff like this transcends the boundaries of logic...

(And there may be language barriers at play, as well, given English isn’t your native language.)

Thus, your conclusion is not correct. Nothing at all about cruelty of time. Rather, if I had to summarize - it’d more more about opening the mind, third-eye, and heart to perceiving beyond the everyday dimensions of time and preconception.

When we have gone through various events in this life. What we plan for goals but the time repulse everything is possible, then we must let something flow as it is and let the intuition complete it, even for a moment.
Thank you much for your educative poem!


I am very happy to see your activity on twitter. You are very active in promo-steem. May luck side with you ..