Late Night Reflections...

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Only when we let go of judgement can miracles unfold...

Only when we embrace the imperfections we see in others in ourselves,
can we truly access our power & allow others theirs...

Only when we inject enough love into a situation to overcome our fears,
can we enter the space for well-being, abundance, and joy to flow...

No matter how great our distaste for & resistance to the injustices around us,
the restrictive situations we may find ourselves in,
the internal battles of ego -
Nothing can ever change for the better until we choose empowerment -
centering ourselves in a place of gratitude for all life's gifts, blessings, & lessons -
becoming an exemplification of the peace we desire -
leading our thoughts towards the results we'd find most fulfilling...

A wise friend once told me -
we can never change our beliefs until we are filled with so much love...

Though so often we may struggle against our dominant habits,
persistently denying the usefulness of our outdated patterns,
refusing to accept the good in the beliefs holding us back -

It is only when we choose compassion for ourselves,
do we create the space for transformation & growth...

Great power lies in each decision -
the seed of a new life -
the creation of an experience,
wherein we are the writer & director...

Whether consciously or not -
every intent sets forth the process of a development,
be it that of our strengths or weaknesses, internal assets or liabilities...

Immense potential lles in every idea,
its corresponding reality called into existence the more it is focused upon...

Our commitment to an inspiring concept,
the beginning of the unfoldment of unexplored possibilities...

Only when we rise above enslavement to our doubts,
can we come to the plane from which success can occur...

Only when we deny the barriers stopping others ,
can we truly enter the garden of true wealth creation...

Only when we ground ourselves in love, confidence, & faith can our greatest destiny unfold...

~ written October 2009

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Although you did this text to reflect before going to sleep, it is a good way to start the day, @rok-sivante! We would have to see how many of us are our own enemies, those who set our limits. We are more accustomed to saying I can't, and by saying those words, the universe begins to take action to put on the bars that justify your inertia. What is inside can drive you, but it can also stop you. Certainly, as your friend says, when you are full of love you will be able to see the world in a different way! If a container is dirty, no matter how much you pour clear water, it will always become cloudy because what is inside contaminates. If we do not manage to purge, remove, cleanse from our interior any negative trace, any positive feeling will be overshadowed and even eliminated. This will be a good exercise for today! Nice Tuesday for you.

Dear @rok-sivante sir!
Late Night Reflection teaches us in a way that we should not lose our brightness even in the extreme circumstances. However, there is no significance in the daytime, even then one time comes when we get an opportunity to show our abilities. There is fluctuation in the life of all human beings. Wherever there is a chance to do something good, we should try our best and make our worth a meaningful one. Should move in the direction. Those who believe in their self above themselves, the problems of their way will go back on their own. Your intelligent friend correctly said that it is necessary for him to have faith that even on him Keeping our love and trust
The collection of such great poems is unique in itself. You have evaluated every aspect of life in a very effective manner. Even in despair, the ray of hope leaves.
Regards sir

wow...great advice from you ...indeed we can only change our beliefs when we are fill with love and there abound powers in decisions we make. these two sentences i was able to ponder on or caught my attention. we must be filled with love to change ourselves and to be able to accomodate others shortcomings,with love in us we can effect that change in others we desire or wish. our decisions are what define who we really or truely are.

thanks for sharing this motivational and inspiring message has inspired me this morning thanks for sharing your wisdom.

The power of making great decisions can never be undermined really, your piece embodies this, the truth is that sometimes, we must open door in other to unlock doors, it's like a stream not finding a means to flow until you make a path and allow it to flow and that path is decision, making decision which u think is the theme and basis of this lovely piece here my friend. Sweetly written too.

Insight into ones own journey is a starting block for truthfully knowing the world. With that insight comes wisdom, power and responsibility. Confidence and humility are not far behind, and of course contentment and peace. In counteracting abusive situations, the biggest punch one can deliver is ones honesty and transparency - karma will do the rest on you and on those who try to harm you.

Rest easy and thank you for your post.

Bottom line is that in other to make influence on others/the World, we must first need to work on ourselves which is where the greatest work actually needs to be done.

Written in 2009 but still very true today

awesome stuff, really connect with

Our commitment to an inspiring concept,
the beginning of the unfoldment of unexplored possibilities...

@rok-sivante, Yes, we should not judge anybody and we have to treat others as we wanted to treated by others. Yes, every Human Being is imperfect in one or many aspects and when we accept each others Imperfections then we can make an environment of Brotherhood.

The most important aspect is Spreading love and Spreading kindness and this way we can create an happy environment. And we should hold the grounded nature because in that way we can spread the warm essence.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Just awesome Man !!!

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There is a very good inspirational poem.