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The song of the hour
enraptures my soul -
speaking to the pains, the sorrows, the darkness;
comforting the heartaches of unfulfilled desires -
filling the farthest crevices
hollowed by life's cruelties & disappointments
with the substance of comfort
delivered through waves of sound -
my spirit riding away
into a world extended far above the human plane,
surfing the currents of sweet melodies
off into infinity...

Tones rich with essence -
the nectar of God itself -
seeps through my cells,
infusing my body like a medicine -
easing the death of my ills,
as the so complex texture of my emotions
is given voice through the art
finding its expression through speakers -
its audience torn from the world,
so powerfully touched and in awe
of how precisely one's state is found
reflected in the work of another -
feelings trapped in shadows illuminated
with the rhythm blanketing the heart's sadness
in the colors brought to life
where harmony manifests...

Drawing out dimensions of mood
lost and forgotten,
my stereo becomes the gateway to another world -
its birthing of motion the seed of
a garden of experience -
the impression of audio upon my ears
nurturing the fulfillment of my surrender,
imprinting upon my soul,
the ecstasy of being at peace
with the space tears have yearned to complete...

Time stands still
as the gaps between notes fade
into the backdrop of eternity -
present to the emptiness of our grand illusion,
mind quiets to honor the beauty of beats
fueling my transcendence to a realm
beyond time & space, life & death -
moments painted with layers of
the digital & organic enmeshing,
as though in the most passionate embrace,
opening the door to pure Source...

Form melts into the abstract
with each bar's transition into the next
carrying me further into the web
holding our universe together -
each chord driving my consciousness deeper
into the matrix from which we've come,
shall return to, and may never escape -
the integrity of the Divine
encapsulating all I've known myself to be
as the producer's child of musical talent
expands the self listening,
dissolving all borders, barriers, and past...

A single track, dangerous -
strong, the temptation to escape forever -
what consequences could unfold,
choosing not to return to the amnesia of identity
this piece of heaven reminds me
we believe is true -
the spirit within the modern hymn
exposing the deceptiveness of our roles,
rekindling the awareness of our absolute nature...
A powerful drug,
bringing down the reality we've known
with a glimpse of sheer bliss,
pushing me to walk the line
between everything & nothing -
erasing it with each step forward -
leaving behind only more desire
for this profound journey
into the other side...

Who would choose to return -
ails so soothed,
with each press of the replay button -
massaged with a mystical warmth,
so forgiving & delivering
of the utmost euphoria...
Taken away,
as though a magic carpet were the destiny of this composition -
our paths aligned to cross...
This Divine expression,
as though staring into my soul,
playing back the emotion
no words could ever describe...

I am frozen, humbled, released -
inspired, at zero, captive -
a slave to love,
devoted to the moment
through which I have seen myself through sound...
freed by the infinity
one layer deeper
for one moment more
as the song carries on,
shaking my soul back and forth,
no less forceful than
an earthquake.


~ Inspired by & written in 2011 to (20 replays of) Robert Boogert's remix of Little Boots' "Earthquake" (which sadly, seems to no longer be available on either Soundcloud nor YouTube or anywhere else)

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@rok-sivante, As soon as I've read the title as Earthquake then i got the vibes that may be this post about the Vibrations Of Earthquake which born inside us due to various situations. And inner world is vast than outer world. And music is for sure an vibrational world where we can born so many emotions while deep diving in it.

Every situation hold the different sounds and frequencies and literally different situations gives the different vibrations, in my opinion when we face the phase of Adversity and painful moments then only we can understand what waves are flowing inside us.

The whole world is driven by the Emotions and this can be said through one aspect and that is, no matter what type of emotion whenever we interact with next person we process an Transfer Of An Emotion.

Time is the Ultimate aspect and that's why Time Is Development and every change occurs with the change of time, and we saw different phases at different times, like before we had the few Technological Pieces but in this era or time we can say that every touch is becoming technology.

Yes, Music is Inspiration and it can create it's own world, and in my opinion the most important aspect of music is, dive in this moment and feel this moment instead of keeping the baggage of the past which is suppressing us.

Great to read this poetry from you, and hope that you will produce more because this is deep.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


nicely written.


Thank you so much. 🙂

Wow this is splendid, the fact that it's a free verse makes it very splendid, the poem feels like a spiritual connection, a kind of gyration that a beautiful music takes the soul to, the feeling of joy that you felt from something uplifting felt so rapturous, totally unexplainable as well.

It's a poem that connects better than any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the soul's yearning and desires and I could feel the imagery even as I read it aloud.

What a beautiful poem! Cheers

I think it is a lot easier to express oneself with poetry than anything else...perhaps that explains why we're now seeing more of you other than it being my 2011 seems e ages ago but in hindsight nothing has changed.

single track, dangerous -
strong, the temptation to escape forever -
what consequences could unfold,
choosing not to return to the amnesia of identity

Wish this were possible sometimes. I listen to some songs to 'escape' when am down and it could play for hours in repeat while I lay thinking...if only escape could be more permanent other than death


perhaps that explains why we're now seeing more of you

Somewhat interesting, however, as these ones I’ve just been republishing after looking for the ayahuasca one I did 7 years ago...

Not particularly speaking of where I’m at now, though body just sorta went into action to share them, since they’ve been sitting collecting dust on Facebook unread. Lol.

The harmonies instruct us.

This is a really beautiful one. Wow
It melts my heart.

Wonderful artistry of song lyrics. So lovely that I am hoping it were rather a song than write up.


No song lyrics here. Just som thoughts/reflections. :-)

Nice post i like it and thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us and East and West you are the best my frnd

Rok-sivante it just feels like this poem was talking to me. Lemme add one stanza to it below.

Innocent I was welcomed
into a family's home not knowing it was a house of den
Lions everywhere - tearing my soul
they gave me no rest but to toil here and there
I became a prey when I thought I joined a pride.
meat for meal was stones in my mouth therefore I starved
water for thirst was vinegar to my taste therefore I thirst
clothes for the fabric of my skin was rags therefore I was cold
my five years sheltering my head there was hell but no one to help leaving my soul to fail.