Poetry to welcome in the New Year 2020

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"Winter despairs us, no?"


the loftiest heights of the lofty.
And then some.
And joy is the new year upon us
soft like recumbance
upon a warm Winter's bed.
But solace and numerous
loads of wood to carry
to and fro, in the snow
is the loftiest of loftiest
of all goals

Won't you join us for something joyous
this New Year's Eve?
Won't you despair us with your parent's
bedside woes?
For, underneath the mistletoe
loves grows.
And it grows.

Slowly but surely
the firelight glows.
And the tumbling bumbles
of Capricorn blow.
Among us, the daisies
Blow kisses and make wishes
like fireflies falling in the snow.

And Winter has come -
A false Spring has arose.
And among the woeful willows
I reside and hide, gleefully full of snow...
tinkering, in the firelight,
as warm Winter winds blow softly
and the twilight glows.


  • All original poetry by Robyn Eggs
  • Images by Robyn Eggs
  • Copyright January 3rd, 2020
  • Steemit.com/@robyneggs, robyneggsart.com
  • Many happy returns!