(Poetry): Steem on forever, celebrating two years with you

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Steem on forever

In difficulty you appeared before me,
a sad and lonely December,
you came through those words of hope,
being a savior in the face of my misfortune.

Even if I treat you badly for despairing,
you held me and gave me a chance,
you led me on the right path,
giving me a sweet yearning.

I saw an inestimable value in you,
I wanted to take advantage of it,
yet you gave to this sad heart,
another that fills me with peace and love.

I have known it through you,
and so quickly we clicked,
was something at first sight,
forever grateful for such a fate.

Then I remember you fed me,
at a time when I was dying of hunger and thirst,
you taught me that I should win,
with effort and determination a way to beat you.

You gave me a job to develop me,
an instruction manual to improve myself,
I started loving you and taking care of you,
as that opportunity to move on.

If in the good ones you took me,
In the bad times I can't leave you,
always you as something virtual,
always you as something I want to take to the clouds.

Today is two years since I met you,
and even in my mind resonates that phrase,
something that distinguishes you from any resemblance,
for me you will always be unique.

You give me space to write to you,
show pixels and beautiful art,
through others to appreciate you,
making my being never stop loving you.

You listened to me without complaining,
you hugged me without charging me,
you rather paid me,
everything I can't give you.

That's why today and always I want for you,
that you're always there,
on high for others to know about you,
the wonderful and usefulness of your existence.

It's my anniversary, please don't use tipu, it sucks.

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