Carry on Consuming

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"I don't want a riot"
You said with such sincerity
Holding your shopping bags
On a normal day of consuming

You didn't want a riot
But guess what?
Other people did
You couldn't understand us
You couldn't see us
You didn't want a riot
You wanted your consumer life style

As I entered your cathedrals of consumerism
You scorned and howled like animals at me
I saw your true faces
And of course you called the police on me
Hoping to end this man who did not represent your perfect consumer bubble
But unfortunately for you
This wasn't Nazi Germany (yet)
The police love art

You can't keep calling the police to make the POOR disappear
(At least not me)
Like you do with the homeless in your cathedral of consumerism
Yours shall be an empty desolate cathedral
Haunted by the charcoals of the fires growing you pretend not to see

"I don't want a riot"
I heard you say
Comfortable with your life
But guess what
The secret to success
To getting what you want
Is you got to want it
As much as you want air when you are being choked of life

So you don't want a riot?
But you have no say!
Because you might be genuine with your words
But you don't really not want a riot
Not as badly as you want to carry on consuming

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Half of me wants a riot. The other half not so much for the sake of my family. Maybe smaller scale riots. Like arm wrestling matches and yelling. questioning and donating and supporting. Educating and intelligently consuming.

My personal riot.


I'm easy, but I can feel a lot of riot energy beginning to thicken in the atmosphere. So I expect shit to go down 2019/2020.
I wouldn't mind a riot in the L1 postcode region of Liverpool. The streets and land are all owned by one family. So no one would really care about the damage to that place. Or at least I wouldn't, because some family shouldn't have been given all the land and streets.