Poem: The TomBoy From Swan Lake - A YouTube Cringe Comment

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The TomBoy From Swan Lake 🐥
By Red Pill Vegan

She grew up, plain as Jane
The pretty girls never knew Her pain
She vowed to venture beyond the Stem of Brain
Early on Philosophy and STEM became her Game
Then one day, things began to change

Fate, A Harsh Mistress
Listless, an unforseen intervention
She began to command the Turtle's attention
But what to do?!
Their poking heads prodded
The Carousel Conductor silently agreed and nodded
Her wingspan grew, and no one knew
The way she felt inside

Not to be rushed
She fell in love
But Turtle's heads are known to Bust
She knew the risk, her heart be crushed
And thus the Turtle became the Hare
Leaving our Swan so meek and bare

It wasn't fair, the disrepair
And yet She knew the truth was Grand
She studied the constellations
Reinstalled her reservations
And the orbiters, they came

Hypergamy be damned!
She cursed, she counted
But all the knowledge is the world
Couldn't hide the face which Fate amounted

She swore to never use her Power
Before The Medium, The Message must be louder!
Yet the more She grasped
The more She slipped
Because deep inside
The Clock Goes Tick.


Cringe level unlocked.

Ahsley Elissa:


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