Poetry #5 - "Fading Memory"

in poetry •  last year 


Surviving on memory, years now passed
Image so slim, like vision through glass
Shadow fogged reflection, memory of past
Hold on to that vision, until no longer cast

Face seems familiar, yet details not clear
Dark hair and knuckles, glad he's not here
Blocked from sunlight, yet present at night
Blurred memories are still an old fright

Knocking over tables, sleep it resists
Turn off the lights, but the pain still insists
Distraction with fiction, blocking routine
Different thoughts, so the memory unseen

Age makes me weary, alone in my bed
My memories pass, escaping my head
That glimmer of shadow, can't block it all
Only my death can end it, once and for all



And this is @racheleecious or simply "Chel Lee"

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