Consummate 8/8/18

in #poetry3 years ago

A dance together,
A song together.
As the pollen goes from flower to flower and a hybrid is made.
The beauty of a moment together writes a chapter.
A picture is painted when we consummate together,
In psaltery no knowledge of our nakedness remains.
Our shame is removed, The Messiah broke my chains.
I've been set free to live for eternity;
All it takes is faith from me to receive,
The cure for duality.
No lust in my fellowship or evil in my mouth,
The seed of sin burns while it is yet out.
It cannot come in.
I have no desire to die by fire for my passion.
The heart needs taming,
The mind needs be refashioned.
From youth the flesh has cried loud,
Captivating to the simple and proud.
Yet, to the wise there is One place we seek to fill our thirst.
From the beginning of earth the prophecies of the virgin birth,
Set in motion two factions:
The Smart and the reactive.
The reactive kept breaking apart,
And the Smart diminished to but a few.
But Yahuah has remembered the residue.
He will sift all the dirt.
Not one wheat will be hurt.
Back to the Royal Robes of Righteousness,
White Linen Bridal Garments, pure finess.
No wicked thought or evil act will remain.
The darkness will never ever return again.