If I had listened to my instinct

in poetry •  11 months ago

I'm doomed!
The explosives kept ringing in my ear
Why did I defy the rains?
The symptoms were all shows of signs
I had exercised my eyes enough to stay awake
But the four plane walls were too dark to see
I crept for the windows with light passing through
But since the door held better view I toed thereof
I saw like minds
We all ran from the darkness of loneliness
And were sure the noon and people around were better substitutes
We had different purposes but shared the same light
Suddenly the explosion sounded
Boys led by a girl rounded us
Her toy was kidnapped and she had come to share with us her fate
They took our treasures
They never saw the light as a barrier
A true trait of dark unionism you'd say
But where were the chested men of light?
They left me with a shrinking morale and blank voice.
Now I see the essence the rains prophesied to me
I see the ever pressing need for my lashes to hug in love
I'm doomed!
Who do I run to now?

Poem curled from my facebook timeline http://www.facebook.com/isikong_princewill

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