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We sing out loud for justice
Clanging tintinnabulation of fairness
Like the helpless beer(ass) riding for peace
But we strangle in reaLITTLE of soundness

We bear the brands of readers
We complete the pages of the newPAPERS
With the affirmation they preSENT to struggling orders
We give back but err which is humanly proper

They get the smiles and nominal books
Some go as far as combining it with holes plea-sure
And just like the miraculous touch their errs grows out of the hooks
We still hope and hope yet adverse miracle we surely are assured

The testament is reLEASED
Their miracles have paid for their liberation
They get the tops for which their holes and books got pieced
But our assurances hugs the pharisee's decision

We're damned!
The little we got has been taken from us
We're neglected!
Merit now belongs to purchased miracle not us

We're robbed!
Justice is given to the willing bidder
These bids and prayers we only hear happens from the back door
And we cry; oh hypocrites! When will pardon pass through the front door?

Poem curled from my facebook timeline

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