The Journey of a Dreaming Star #poem

in poetry •  last year  (edited)


They say to grant the wishes of your heart
You have to wish upon a star
Determined you may be from the start
You still have to journey so very far

The stars above seem so far to reach
Especially to someone feeling so small
The difficulties you face aim to teach
That you have to learn to stand tall

The journey is a long and winding road
It is not so easy to walk upright
As you have to carry a heavy load
And everyday you have to fight

Once you thought the road will end
A longer path you have to take
Sometimes you even have to bend
Endless choices you have to make

But then you stop to smell the roses
And look at the bright sky above
You wonder why you took those choices
And why you ran away from love

The dreams you wanted to achieve
You have now forgotten in the past
You decide that you just want to give
And share your life until the very last

Looking up at the highest star
You realize that you are not that small
That you have become the brightest star
It was not the destination but the journey after all


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I hope I become the brightest star soon. Nice post!

Thanks @kuboskeey! We are bright stars in our own right. 😊

Hmmm, wow... Motivational indeed.

Captivating photo and inspiring poem!