Numb #poem

in poetry •  6 months ago


Sometimes, it helps a lot to become numb.
Yes, it's important to feel, but it helps to act dumb.
Feeling too much makes you hurt too much as well.
Besides, no one can tell.
It makes you look strong though you have a weak heart.
It makes you hang on when everything seems falling apart.
Just feel nothing.
Though you're really hurting.
Pretend that you're rhyming.
When you got no more rhythm. Just forcing.
To sound like you're okay.
Though you're far from okay. Far away.
Is this a poem I'm writing?
No, I'm really shouting.
But I keep my mouth shut.
Now what?

I wrote this poem when my mom was bedridden with cancer back in June 15, 2009. I don't know if I am just being nostalgic or I really feel this way right now as well. I don't know.

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Sometimes you have got to be successful, you have got to keep your mouth mute... But never get depressed, your life worth more....


Nope, I do my best not to get depressed. Thanks!