Come Hurt Me

in poetry •  7 months ago


Let's jump from the highest floor and land with a bang,
We'll smoke the strongest kind of weed while we cut,
We'll bleed and sing the greatest kind of love song there is,
We'll do everything together,
So come hurt with me.
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We'll dance together on the edge of a knife and make our feet bleed a rainstorm,
We'll cry away our happiness but never laugh out our sorrows,
We'll find a spot underneath the stars and cross our fingers whilst we hope to die.
I'll be with you,
so come hurt with me.
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We'll swim in a lava, and fall from the skies without a parachute
You know I'll get you,
We can dive into the rockiest of seas and sully the sea with our blood,
I know you'll get me,
So come hurt with me.

We can hurt together,
To be on the same page, we can feel the same kind of pain.
We can lie on the grass with a knife in each our hearts as we die with a smile.
We can make history and if we don't, let's be a mystery.
Come hurt with me, come and we can love ourselves to death.

Most times, the essence of being hurt too many times, doesn't actually make you stronger, it destroy who you were, damage who you wanted to be and it frame, compose, makes who you are today.


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