in poetry •  5 months ago

I know this place
I’ve been here before
The tears stream down your face
You can’t take anymore
It’s so cold down here
You just don’t’ deserve this
It’s like I’m looking in the mirror
When I see you feeling so worthless
I just wanna help
But there’s nothing I can do
The strength is in yourself
It’s all up to you
And so I’m forced to watch
With open eyes, paralyzed
The pain never stops
And I won’t let myself cry
Because I know it’s not right
This pain is not mine

I could almost cry your tears
And feel the pain you feel
But I’ve already been here
And my heart was almost killed
I don’t understand it
How am I supposed to let this happen?
I wanna take the pain away
But there’s nothing I can do, nothing I can say
There is no way around this
And so here I am...helpless

You’re being torn apart
So slowly in front of my eyes
And it’s breaking my heart
Knowing I can’t save your life
If I could just hold you for a little while
And dry your tears when you cry
I’d try to make you smile
Wish I could just do something...anything to make it alright
I want to pick up every piece
And make you whole again
But I just have to leave you
How can I do that, when I’m supposed to be a friend?

So here we are in this dark room
I’m just watching you
Unable to move
Talking to you, but the words don’t come through
Your hand is reaching
Out to me
So loudly you’re screaming
You’ve had enough of this feeling
I can’t take this
My body is shaking
So afraid to
Face what
I know is true
I’m helpless
I can’t save you…

To keep from crying
But in my mind I’ve
Got to realize
That You’ll get through
Because I was here too
Just believe in you
The way that I do


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