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You are here with me, sharing every emotion.
You are in my pains
You got my joy
You can feel it all, you know and understand my feelings
But who knows what will happen in time

In time you might have travelled far away from me.
In time I might no longer be here, I may have left you
In time you might not care about my feelings
In time I may not matter to you anymore

Time the greatest determinant of our future.
Time the one that holds it all
Time the one we can't predict but only hopes it brings the best
Time the greatest healer
Time, the one that can cause us a great pain

I do wonder what will happen in time
Will we still be the same?
Will you still care for me as you do?
Will I be able to achieve my goals?
Will I stop loving you?
Are we going to make it together?

In time you may become my best enemy
In time you may still be my best friend
In time I may trust you more
In time we may still be here for each other
Time tells it all


In time my dream life may come true
In time I may ride my desirable car
In time I may own my dream house
In time I may not like milk flavour anymore but chocolate
In time my favourite colour may not be red but blue

In time many things may happen to us.
We don't have the power to see what the future holds
We can only hope that the future brings us good tidings
Time the factor that determines it all yet so unpredictable
Time, it works are mysterious

In time you may abandon me
In time we may stop being friends
In time we may become best buddies
I'm the time we may fall in love
Yeah, In time we may become lovers
Time tells it all

In time lots of things are bound to happen
In time things will change
We can only bow down our heads and pray
In time, we hope for a better future
In time, we hope we don't pathways
In time, we hope that we will still be lovers
In time, we hope we achieved it all
In time, I hope you will still be here with me


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Great work here, I feel encouraged already.


Thank you dear I appreciate

This is a gorgeous piece. 😍 Keep sharing.


Thanks for the wonderful comment

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