Winter Is Coming!

in #poetry4 years ago


The full moon folds the Summers away
Awaiting for the winters fall
Beneath the snowy woods,
The crystalline frost ruptured.

With effervescence hope, obscurity fades.
The droplets forms a tinsel silver sequined streaks.
And a slick silver thread emerges.
Where The Sun treasure to take as his own.

Night was a return to an old devotion
With a distorted disposition.
For me, the morning would unravel slowly
To turn out the solitude of a constant dawn

Waiting for the this fall for a long time,
With the aroma of dew drops spread all around.
Fragrances lifting up the hallows,
Where the Euphoria of life comes true.

At dawn’s recovery from the sticky night
As hot as the humid skies
At the end of the summer days,
I realize, Winter is coming!


Featured image from PIXABAY

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