Road Less Traveled

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Oh, the distance is so flimsy, to move on.

One must follow the paths to unleash the destination.

And Silence- a long way parade that prevail

With the abiding memories leaving a trail.

The veil of the night is lifted.

The blur within the mist is drifted.

Beyond the Scarlet East,

The cozy sun was rising, as the darkness ceased.

Dew drops are glinting on the green

On the soft petals and the air so thin.

Beyond the silvery east, a blessed day foretold!

One's blithe soul wishes to jump up and behold.

Amid the stone, journey to the paved roads

Destined to move on, to the serene abodes.

A brisk wind ruffles the fresh spring leafage in mirth

Breaking the solitude of dawn within this Earth.

The dawn is chorus, proclaims the daybreak

Hovers a cryptic silence, and a journey to make.

Without the prior destiny, directions are unraveled

Setting up the routs, there’s a Road Less Traveled.

Article Credit : Praxant Pacific

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