Lets Begin Again!

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The full moon is dark, and so is the day
Every bliss to enjoy, I despise it anyway
The world seems dull, about to fall
As all the colors have turned to gray

I miss the moment we talked about rain
Hiked the hills and encircled the plain
The bond was tight despite we varied
You would win and I used to gain.

Reminiscence is what I have now
Remorse stays in my heart anyhow
The way you behaved was not good
In this situation but I want to bow

Tears have dropped and eyes turned dry
Not able to forget, how much I try
Emotional distress I have to face
Of the guilt of making you cry

It’s the mistrust I want to drain,
Convey you my heart full of pain
Hug you tight and I want to say
Sorry Amigo Lets begin again!!

Let’s again talk about the girls you kissed
The anger, the sorrow and the moment you blissed
Make this friendship a part of Life
Dance the steps that we’ve missed

Enjoy the world while we are sane
Leave the hatred throw the disdain
The world will envy, Lets show them
Sorry Amigo Lets begin again!!


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