Justice Is Far Beyond

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This world ours is wonderful.
This world ours is terrible.
This world of ours is confusing,
Like a jigsaw puzzle no one can seem to solve.

You can hear the sound of the massive waves crashing on rocks,
You can also hear the bullets fire and bombs drop.
In the West, you hear shouts of joy for an entrepreneur has just bought his fifth building;
While in the East you hear the heartbreaking cries of the refugees who just lost their home to the wind.

In a house in the city, a 40 year old woman enjoys her free unmarried life.
Somewhere nearby, just a few miles away, a 14 year old girl; forced to get into bridal attire.
Far away LGBT marriages are becoming legal
Yonder, two lovers separated for their skin color.

This world of ours gives us stars when it’s dark.
This world of ours where we created legends about demons after dark.
This world has tragedy amidst its beauty.
This world of ours is on a beam balance where the two pans never weigh the same.

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