Follow Your Dreams

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Ruffians may hinder your development
Through their nasty bullies and judgment.

But, Carry on with all faiths and belief
To mark the victory of your movement.

I know it’s tough
Focus on your own mission

Moments will, of course, be rough.
Good will approbate and bad will complain

But, you just have to ascend and gain
That summit of life you have dreamed devised.

Plights and possibilities are inseparable
Thus, make yourself capable

To combat every hardship on your way to the destination.
Sometimes you may figure scars in your mind

But never let them overwhelm your dreams
Be determined and Kind

To the dreams of tomorrow.
Recall that hustles will not fade away

All they do is to enlighten the best paths
And eventually, let you enjoy.

You must know about strong people
Who grin their predicaments of life

And sob the joys that arrive.
Be like them to triumph

All the whirls of your journey
The sun will blaze immensely one day
Calmly wait, never hurry.


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