Beyond Forever

in #poetry4 years ago


Dear, your existence has a meaning.

Emanating the natural beauty and wandering.

You started out gentle, as you merrily traveled the stream.

You were dazzling; shining with something that gleams.

You're my art, a portrait for my ardor.

You deliver me from the snares of lost.

I walk in grim valleys,

With your halo hovering over my head.

It felt peaceful; my heart, serene

Until I realized there's more from within.

My heart beat faster as time passed by.

Just like the invasion as nothing but a fantasy.

And unexpectedly, I felt gravity pulling me

Like a part of realm, I just fell immensely

Towards a surface that's even more beautiful

An indeed scary experience, yet wonderful.

Let me into your secret, hush me with a kiss.

Your sensation I desire, your bliss I testify.

I came discover a new self, my dream becomes a reality,

In the illusion of planetary oblivion.

Screaming in wonder as I welcomed this feeling.

Finally accepting that I am indeed falling.

Falling in love continuously along this magnificent air.

Hoping it could go on even beyond forever.

Article Credit : Praxant Pacific


bro lai yesto yesto kabita kaha bata aauxa????????????

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