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Gateway inside,
You can run but cannot hide.

Give me thy eyes and give me the truth,
Not your lies with the seriousness of Babe Ruth.

The walk inside will not be understood...
If you allways drink the wrong glass at the
guardians table.

Give it a chance, make a choice to see wether he or she is able.

It will not do any harm to your museum,
We exist there is no need to fear'em.

They are just entities inside us all, that tell
us what's inside the who.

The person that really is YOU.

Kind regards and a hug to those in need.

The cat that goes by Poezio.

PS: Ever noticed how the word eyes is a (type)face? e y e (s) and e (io) and a yes?


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  ·  last month

Nice words. I'm subscribed.

  ·  last month

Thank you @Crowe. More coming.

  ·  last month

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  ·  last month

wonderful! welcome to steemit @poezio

  ·  last month

Thank you @roelandp. Writing is a virtue.

  ·  10 days ago

very nice poetry