Selfish is LOSER

in #poetry6 years ago

This is not about me
This is about us
Of course there's no you between us

We'll just watching you
Dead miserable with age
You will dying
And the death angel forcibly pulling you out
You look so pathetic

We didn't do anything
Everything happen because you
You who made us put you away
You who made us hated you

And you deserve to die
You are the selfishness we collect
Then we wrap it in such a way
Untill time come and killed you

Selfishness gonna kill us at first
But in the end it's lose
Lose against us
And die in the hand of the time

Poetry is a little word with a hidden magical spell

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i love it ❤️🐦

Thank You S'much ,...

Selfishness is a major barrier to Realization...
Thanks for sharing your feelings in this area :)

Wow. Fantastic like your other poems. Well done! :)

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