Sienna at Sunrise

in poetry •  6 months ago

Sleep slides off of you
like a silk robe slides off the shoulders
with dawn to greet your
asphalt lungs

Duty never seemed so daunting
as it did
when you would rather be
counting the moon beams that shine
between the empty spaces of his ribs

Prepare yourself for
a world built of brown words
adobe, mesa, dust storm
mocha eyes, skin like polished teak

Black coffee with cinnamon
in the morning

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Visceral, powerful and elegant. What a pleasure to read! Thank you.

Upvoted and resteemed.

Have You tried something else except for coffee in the morning? Like a drink just as you wakeup! haha how does it sound?

Prepare urself for a world built of brown words quite toucging and straight.I also write poems but i left it few years ago,which oyher poem @pinkspectre you like to write ?

Good afternoon. I like your publications. Thank you

love it