Hazel in the Morning

in poetry •  7 months ago

We summoned the rain
As if it dripped from our mouths
Instead of the sky

We learned how to dance
In the cold winter wind
As though summer was something
Both secret and sacred
We could carry in the pockets of our coats

We knew that we could not walk on water
But if we fermented the grapes
And followed the recipe
We could turn it into wine

As true as we knew
Hell was other people
We knew heaven was
In the hearts of others too

And if you were still
And quiet enough
You could hear the angels singing
When hazel eyes greeted yours in the morning

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Very beautiful! to me this could mean that dark and light exist in everything, we just select how we see it. things happen, what we learn from it is the important thing, if this make us better or worse.

Select to be better, always, no matter what.

Fantastic professional selection, portrait dancer with hair

Beautiful fall picture

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Oh awesome @pinkspectre. I have also started composing hope will get some tips from you

Nice poem. I had already post one similar poem, check mi post if you want. I think we have some ideas and reflections in common. I am form Argentina.

Thanks for share your art and humanity.