Calcium Kaleidoscope Moonrise

in poetry •  2 months ago

I loved you like the dark side of the moon
With all the calcium kaleidoscope intrigue
Of moonrise and sunset
Even the marrow of my bone belonged to you

And the dark side of the moon,
Belonging to me only

Between layers of iron and brass
Lips would not move
But I would wander and wonder
Knowing that everything divine
Can be dreadful

As it breaks like glass
Like morning

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This is some beautiful writing, a little depressing but beautiful haha. Take this upvote :)

@pinkspectre such a great time to read this. Before this I only listen sunrise ⛅ but now see 🌒 moonrise also. Is this moonrise?

it was really exciting to read this poem as if I found a literary poem and humor presented in one work


Very nice opinion

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I like this poem. This poem talk about how can introduc god wherever and whenever

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