The Forest (a poem)

in poetry •  6 months ago

I am dark, loamy soil underneath the rotting leaves
I am deep green moss and hidden creatures unseen
I am tall, wide trees reaching upward evergreen
I am the forest who calls you, do you understand me?
Do you remember when your people lived beneath the canopy?
Do you still speak the language of my breeze?
Do you feel the chill of the dark burrows at night?
Do you know the peace of my bones beneath your feet?
Where have you gone?
Why did you leave?
You belong here with us
A creature of the green.

Phe 23/8/2018

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This is a really beautiful poem @phoenixwren. I can totally "hear" this in a song sung by Enya or maybe Ed Sheeran (like what he did for "I See Fire" in the Hobbit).


Thanks! I will have to look up "I see fire." 😊

You belong here with us
A creature of the green.

It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

You should write more poetry, Phe! I love this!


Thank you <3

I absolutely adore this. <3 <3 <3


Thanks! 😊

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