Spring will come??? (Original poem)

in poetry •  11 months ago


The alleys are snowy

It is beautiful

Cool cold winter

Cold volume!

Counts heart rate

I'm leaning on the door

That's the bells of ice

They have covered it again

Do you dream again?

spring will come??? ...


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beautiful post photo wonderful, you have spring and I have winter)))




and I love winter fishing, you'll sit in a tent and catch fish quietly)))

Very beautifull photo.


Thank you missrdx ;)

you show are very very nice, I love what you are posting,,
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Thank you ;)


I followed you

Those red leaves are stunning in the snow. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you viking-ventures ;)

very beautiful snow. Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture @persianqueen


Thank you siren😉


😊😊 🙏

what a beauty, like winter in the snow on skis to ride, thanks for the post I liked you the best blogger


Thank you frantik☺

سلام عزیز خسته نباشید
آره بهار خواهد آمد : ) ♥

Another nice poem @persianqueen

Can't wait till I get my first sight of snow, wonder how it would feel....

that is an absolutely gorgeous photo! I hate the winter here, but I will admit winter makes for great pictures. What kind of red bush/tree is that on the left hand side, do you know?


Very good poem with a wintery theme ;)
عالیه :P