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And so I opened my mind to reality
Problems like coins hitting me from every side
The pain is excruciating
And my head is swooning

There is a solution, I could end life
Because all is well that ends well, but this is the perfect end
to all our struggles, you should think this thtough

When you laid off from work or bullied inconsistently.
or when you are broken hearted and what comes to your mind
Is to end life?
Giving victory to your pains and swearing your name on history panes.
You say...'my problems are too big for me and you let it's weight
Press you down?

Shouldn't be so cus the experiences are boss levels in life's game
And you've got to beat it to get to the next level.
Every story has it's dark and turbulent path that leads to glory
and this might just be yours;
Go ask Bill Gates, he was constantly bullied but he kept going
And you can see where he finally got to.
These problems are used to test your strength and not be the
signature approving your death wish,

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So the next time you get the urge to jump into the lagoon,
Or hug a transformer, just pause, think through and beat
That level!


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