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Life goes on, time circle keeps turning
Imagination deep in the niche, creating a million inspirations
I'll walk on foot in a quiet room
Make yourself the leading and the best
Pushing the hallways of emptiness to give color

Stop from deep despair and remorse
Rise to the brighter look at the future
Leaving a bit of unforgettable memories of the past unforgettable
Position and take yourself as a winner
Never tired of trying to struggle through challenges

Kugoreskan new color in life
Provide a new and unique nuance and beauty
Mengalnkan a melody of hope and love
The beer of those who look will be amazed and amazed
To feel, how beautiful life is colorful

Being withered is not the expectation of any sane person
Their beauty success and hue are desirable
Love and sacrifice flowing like rain
Gives freshness and new power to the person who gets
Waiting for harmony is anticipated

Full of glittering colors, bright lights
Miss a story about the success that has been achieved
Pearls and glittering gems will never fade
Asaku is increasing, embody all buried obsessions
To melt a heart that has been chaotic by the betrayal of love

Like an Angel who is holy and sincere
Share the love, light, and heart that belongs to others
The frozen heart, it will quickly melt by love
Beaming like a beautiful flower and just blooming
Leave the bitter memories that block the way of life


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