in poetry •  2 years ago

Wait till tomorrow my dear
And then many people will hear
Good news will be in every ear
Because your success to every eye will be clear
All these comforting words they say but I can’t bear
I tend to believe it but then my heart is filled with fear
What if tomorrow carries a pain that I can’t bear?

But tomorrow never comes so it can’t be trusted
I will wait forever and my years will be wasted
Today is the only day that needs to be mastered
Tomorrow is just an imaginary day and by it we can be deceived

Yesterday I thought today was going to be tomorrow but I missed it
Today is the only real day that we have so we have got to use it
Why do you want to wait for tomorrow when still today you can do it?
Tomorrow is a mystery so don’t base on it
For you steem your best everyday bringing knowledge to the world to change it
I have hope that a day is coming when the whole world shall know it
And in all they do they will be inspired to STEEMIT

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Make tomorrow a better day! Keep ON posting on Steemit


Thanks so much for the lovely and encouraging comment

i must say your words are really heart touching as it has a real truth of life tomorrow will never come so keep doing your work with full struggle until you complete it


comment upvoted. thats a great one


thank you dear


You are welcome

Nice one brother KEEP going.upvoted


Thanks for the nice comment

I appreciate and love your poem. Procrastination is the thief of time.


yeah bro. And its stealing much of our time and progress everyday