"The Inner Me"

in poetry •  last year


The pain that shows on the inside
Is the man hiding behind the lies
The power of our inner thought
A moment of unconscious retort

Swimming in a sea of faith
A painful smile displayed by fate
Inner working scream inside
Unnoticed by the crowd on my side

Holding onto my false support
Looking strong, largely brought
None notices as I deliver with pride
The invisible bolder by my side

Chains make it hard to walk
Yet openly I continue to talk
No choked words to the outside
Yet my heads hurts my mind collides

I would like to thank @iwrite for being my mentor and giving me support as a Proud member of Steemit Diversify


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It really describe most people in our society today. We hide it through our smiles but we have to fight our problems and the pain inside of us.

Some will just have to hide there pains and tears when it's actually killing them inside