Barefoot on the grass- a Collaborative Art Journey with @everlove

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Joining @everlove on her Collaborative Art Journey with her image "Ethereal Presence" I have created a piece of poetry inspired by her image.

"Ethereal Presence" a photograph by @everlove

It's a poem about dancing in the moonlight, you can read it as a romantic poem or read it as a poem about having fun dancing with friends on wet grass. Bring your own experiences to the words, and if you don't have any experience of dancing on the grass at night maybe take your shoes off and step outside!

Join the Collaborative Art Journey with @everlove too!

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Beautiful picture Beautiful poem :)

Thank you, @everlove's photograph was very inspiring.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

You Both did a fab job :)

A beautiful poem lady @opheliafu great job
You are a talented woman, but a great person, this gesture of collaboration speaks very well of you.

I enjoy the collaboration, especially with inspiring artists and creators.

Cor, you're quick for this one!!!

Lovely pome! Although I did get the opening bars of that bloody song in my head

Haha, stuck in your head now!

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This is another one of my favorites @opheliafu. Your talent reaches far and wide and you really bring great diversity to this collaboration. It's always a surprise what will manifest out of you -- so grateful to be the recipient of such genius. Thank you for playing with us.