The surpassing wisdom

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The surpassing wisdom beats pragmatism
Its the story behind the glory of great men
Its the fact behind every revealed individual factor
It's the realistic route for rooting out routine reputation

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The surpassing wisdom begets advancement
It reproaches the snob, the arrogant and the impious
It recreates the id as, thought and inspirations
It remains innate and is not degenerated

The surpassing wisdom shares to be different
It reaches and goes beyond the issues of life affairs
It discover the great depth of mysteries and essentials
It's from the beginning to the end of a purposed love

The surpassing wisdom ignites soul
It differentiate the type and magnitude of risk
It orientates the direction and some phase of life
It glows and radiates beyond its border height and depth

The surpassing wisdom is the greatest key that exists
It's the chief among knowledge, understanding and discretion
It's the hidden treasure of the virtuous woman
The surpassing wisdom is the wisdom of wisdom.

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