Behold the Firmament

in #poetry2 years ago

The Firmament over-shadows wonder of earth
Its a magnificent ineffable splendour
It beacons the marvelous works of creation
From you, springs forth water purer than springs
Without a floor you accommodate large amount of water
You create space for sunlight to reach land
In you, we see creatures of diverse images and colors
You contain and purify the gases that sustain life

The Firmament holds the millions of star at night
Through you circulate all forms of energy.
In you dwells the cloud that fall as rain
In you we have the force of gravity
Without a pillar, you roof the earth
In you, we behold numerous wonderful structures
Shapes that no engineer can design
You form countless beautiful objects

*Nothing on earth is as old as the Firmament'
You have seen many centuries and millenia
You're perpetual I presume
You're present in all countries
You're perculiar in all continents
You form shape that the best architect can't make
you're some design that artist can't draw
Through you, many birds of different sizes and color fly

The Firmament expressed and explained the mighty hand of divinity
You I behold the glorious impeccable works of the supernatural
In all seasons and weather your presence are felt
You're contributory in the formation of night and day
The earth feel the activity of wind through you
I'm flabbergasted why you're dark before rainfall and bright hereafter
You're the largest matter recognized on earth
How eyeful and elegant are you to behold

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